CnR:NG Version 1.8 - Changelog

All announcements and new version releases from our Development Team.
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New features / Gameplay changes - v1.8
  • Complete rework of Gunrunner skill and weapons in general
  • Added arms caches locations which yield high-end weapons for Gunrunners
  • Added some new weapons to the game
  • New custom police vehicles (thanks to DustyFlop)
  • Adjustments to new vehicles for a more balanced gameplay
  • Enabled Custom freemode skins for everyone
  • New custom clothing items for groups/gangs (thanks to Ducati)
  • Minor map modifications for important locations (thanks to Ducati)
  • Adjustments and fixes to warehouse robberies
  • Adjustments to /deal command and mechanics
  • Adjustments to kidnap mechanics
  • Adjustments to Firetruck (disabled water hose)
  • Fine-tuning of Nokota damage and price
  • Minor modifications to fishslap and gameslap mechanics
  • Fixed combat-related exploit by adding cooldowns on healing methods
  • New explosions managment for vehicles to reduce accidental kills & to give suspects more chance to surrender
  • Balance adjustments to Phantom, Hauler and their Custom counterparts
  • Balance adjustments to Helicopters to make air chases more viable
  • Adjusted damage of weapons in accordance with better sync
  • Removed some overpowered weapons from driveby
  • PD is now a no-kill zone: disabled stealth kill in general
Tweaks, QoL & Bug fixes
  • Tweaks to Benny's heist mechanics and payout
  • Added more static car spawns in general (civilian and police)
  • Added /givecar (/carkeys) command, now you can share your car keys with other players
  • Made Stun Gun available for Temp cops + minor adjustment to the gun
  • New guns at the PD refill and new vehicles at the PD garage. New credit-prices as well.
  • Slightly modified payouts and rewards in general (trucking, hunting, other)
  • Disabled ATMs on blackout
  • Fixed multi-CPR bug exploit
  • Fixed looping cop-work bug
  • Fixed drug-plant seizing exploit
  • Fixed death row blood money
  • Faster refresh rate of the speedometer
  • Small color modifications to the police radio messages
  • Improved saving vehicles and their upgrades in player-owned garages
  • Fixed secondary RGB color not applying correctly when tuning a vehicle
  • Removed bugged textures spawnpoints in Killhouse
  • Adjustments to some goldrush positions for improved visibility

  • Lots of bug fixes and other minor tweaks, mainly based on forum/in-game feedback and reports.
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