CnR:NG Version 1.4.1 - Changelog

All announcements and new version releases from our Development Team.
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New features / Gameplay changes
  • Sieges (New unique cops versus radical civilians area battle mechanic).
  • Added end of the week statistics.
  • Added a bank interest variable cap at $300k.
  • Added $bkr / $bankrobber quick-strings.
  • Added a /clearscreen command to hide all GUI elements.

Tweaks & QoL
  • Reworked hit cancellation fee. 85% back to the hit placer, the rest to hitmen in the vicinity that have already engaged the target.
  • Reworked hit completion mechanics. Suicide, death to third party (non-hitmen) or takedowns will no longer remove the hit.
  • Added a cool-down per possible buyer for the Gunrunning crime.
  • Increased Paramedic Rescue call timeout duration.
  • Removed Paramedic Rescue calls if a player had died in jail.
  • Reworked Property & Wealth taxes.
  • Added a cool-down to the Harbouring Fugitives crime.
  • Removed the bonus for hitmen when a hit would quit when they were close-by.
  • Disabled temporary medic refill at the PD.
  • Paramedic mission pedestrians will now wander around.
  • Changed break in chance for Law Enforcement Officers.
  • Melee on police bikes has also been removed.
  • Cops can now fish, when they have a valid fishing license.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed the behavior of revived peds for the Paramedic Rescue call-out.
  • Removed tracking or requesting information on players who haven't spawned.
  • Fixed WOTD announcement reward.
  • /info and /hits text-boxes will no longer overlap.
  • Fixes to breaking into houses.
  • Counter for saved patients in Paramedic mission fixed.
  • Prevent bank robberies when the bank is on fire.
  • Fixed player not being released from jail automatically in some situations.
  • Assassination mission fixes.

  • Lots of bug fixes and other minor tweaks, mainly based on forum/in-game feedback and reports.
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The video rundown (Needed to emphasize lower wealth taxes):
My title been a misnomer. More like 'Chase Manager.'
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