CnR:NG Version 1.6 - Changelog

All announcements and new version releases from our Development Team.
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New features / Gameplay changes
  • New location for the Regular Players Club
  • You can now sell drugs to pedestrians using /deal
  • Added siege stats
  • Added proximity voice chat
  • Respond calls will now be listed and selectable when using /respond
  • Attack-discouraging notifications for cops upon attacking fellow cops or non-aggressive unarmed civilians
  • Added a chance for upgraded locks to be broken upon break-in
  • Doors will now break for five minutes on successful property break-ins
Tweaks & QoL
  • Reduced maximum jail time to 4 minutes
  • Properties will now be sold due to inactivity after 30 days instead of 14
  • Most cooldowns will now show how long you need to wait
  • Responding to backup calls will now track the requesting player
  • Entering a checkpoint no longer automatically opens a menu (/settings to enable)
  • Pressing Vehicle Horn anywhere inside a property will now open the property menu
  • Increased home delivery rewards, added distance and time bonuses
  • Home deliveries will now be much shorter on average
  • Changed default /cs keybind to J instead of H
  • /connecttime (/timeplayed) now shows hours played instead of days
  • Robbing rich players will result in more money being robbed
  • Ping kicks will no longer apply to Regular players
  • Some areas will no longer allow weapons in them
  • Armor will now be restored upon siege death as a terrorist
  • Added new siege locations
  • Added new /taunt animations
  • Increased max lotto prize
  • Added new restaurants to /fishsell
  • Added arrow marker above rescue ped in rescue missions
  • Week numbers will no longer be greater than 99
  • Added location kick timer if player has hit contract for RPC, City Hall and the Police Department
  • Reduced chance of bad drugs
  • Drug Distribution and Routine Patrol will generate new locations at some minimum distance from the last one
  • Increased death chance for fully grown plants
  • Saved vehicles should now spawn with the same heading as when saved
  • You can now be pecked to death by seagulls when fishing
  • Added warnings about inactivity when purchasing a property
  • A condom will now be used upon any sexual interaction
  • Slightly increased ATM interaction range
  • Current weapon will be saved upon vehicle entry and restored after exit
  • Using the minimal property blip mode you will still get updates on important property updates (felons/tickets inside or new access)
  • Cannot house-kick someone who has broken into your property
  • Timer before being able to use the cable-car/elevator again.
  • Reduced amount of carry-able life insurances and increased their price
  • Limited amount of deer hide a player can carry
Bug fixes
  • Fixed spike strips only resulting in a momentary tire-pop
  • Fixed a bug where you could arrest from a vehicle
  • Fixed many siege bugs
  • Fixed a bug where using the same 10-code multiple times in one message would spam the chat
  • Fixed damage not being taken into account when selling the bonus vehicle
  • Fixed hitmen completing own hits
  • Fixed housekicks
  • Fixed blips for properties with felons and tickets showcasing incorrectly
  • Fixed receiving just one WOTD reward if deserved multiple

  • Lots of bug fixes and other minor tweaks, mainly based on forum/in-game feedback and reports.
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