CnR:NG Version 1.5 - Changelog

All announcements and new version releases from our Development Team.
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Merry Christmas!

New features / Gameplay changes
  • Christmas! Reindeer are randomly spawned in the city, your task will be to catch them. (Use /reindeer /rdeer)
  • Christmas! Designated Santa will be randomly assigned to a player periodically. This player will then be able to give other players gifts.
  • Christmas trees are randomly placed throughout San Andreas, you can use /tree when close to a tree to receive a gift.
  • Christmas gift pickups - special thanks to @Ducati for making the pickup object.
  • Christmas themed City Hall - special thanks to @Ducati.
  • Christmas weather, less intensive than Halloween - hopefully.
  • Statistics for: presents - found under trees, given as Santa, received from admins - and reindeer caught.
  • New reworked and reworked Survey screen (/survey).
  • Animal Traps - To be used to protect your drugs, purchasable from general stores.
Tweaks & QoL
  • Password confirmation on registration for new members.
  • Changed the reward given when arresting surrendering players.
  • Slight drug system reworks (more to follow).
  • Gift pickup locations were redone as they appeared to be too hard to find during Halloween.
  • Increased rewards for truck deliveries.
  • Decreased house deliveries rewards.
Bug fixes
  • Removed player to player property listing on sale to bank in absence.
  • Kidnapped persons stashed in a vehicle should no longer get wanted level for harbouring fugitives upon a wanted player entering.
  • Takedown percentage should now be properly displayed in the weekstats.

  • Lots of bug fixes and other minor tweaks, mainly based on forum/in-game feedback and reports.
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