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Hey there everyone!

Today we're launching our Official CnR:NG Discord and everyone is welcome!

Be sure to join if you want to be kept up to date about upcoming news or events. Or if you just want to get to know the other people in our community.

Invitation Link:

Please change your nickname to resemble your (future) CnR:NG nickname to avoid confusion. To do this, right click your name in the user list on the right and click "Change Nickname".
Beware that we require a high level of verification for our Discord server. This is to help reduce spam and other unwanted posts. You will need to verify your account in order to chat. Verification is required by email and phone with Discord. Read history of the channels is disabled for new users.

Please don't pm admins about this.

Troubleshooting: ... rification
- The CnR:NG Team
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